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In 2020 we started actively trying for a baby. After some time, the “natural” way wasn’t working and we looked for medical help.
We decided to proceed with the treatment, starting with the female embryo that was definitely not a carrier for DMD.
After some time to think and recover from our loss, we decided to transfer another female embryo. DMD almost never affects girls.
The world stops
During an ultrasound, the technician started talkative but at some point she went very quiet and it looked like she was having trouble getting some images.
The cardiologist confirmed the original diagnosis, and told us there were some small defects on the right ventricle as well which make the case more complex.
That was not the plan
I was worried because Abby wasn’t moving as much as usual, so we went to the ER and they checked her heartbeat and did an ultrasound.
I don’t remember walking from maternal fetal medicine to labor and delivery. I was in shock and denial, I couldn’t believe things got so bad so quickly.
On Sunday (October 2nd, 2022) we were medically ready to leave the hospital, but we wanted as much time with Abby as possible. We spent the entire day with her.
One day at a time
We miss her so much and needed to do something for her. We needed to find a way to express all that love we have as parents