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Almost, Rebekah Garvin


I had you, then I lost you
Just like that
You were mine, then you were gone
Just like that
And my heart broke like shattered glass
It happened so fast

[Chorus] I almost had you
I almost held you
But you never got to see the sun
2 almost became 3
We were almost a family
And you were supposed to be the one
I wanted it to be you
I wanted it to be you so so bad
And now I’ll never go a day without thinking about
What we almost had

You were given, then taken
Just like that
Now I’ll never be the same again
Just like that
When your heartbeat stopped so soon
Felt like mine did too


I saw your future in my mind
So beautiful and bright
I wondered what you’d be like
Crackin’ jokes or a little shy
I wanted to be in the front row
At every game and every show
I wanted to watch you grow
But now I’ll never know


Fly baby fly baby fly
Fly angel fly angel fly
Spread your wings and fly